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Kevin Hickey


Mir Arif


Founded 1985Partnered 2012Exited 2014 (Acquired by Veritas Capital)

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Insight Venture Partners



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Access & Vulnerability Management Software

BeyondTrust is a cybersecurity company that provides privileged-access and vulnerability management software.

Using privilege-centric security, BeyondTrust offers a seamless and straightforward approach for companies to prevent data breaches related to stolen credentials, hijacked insider accounts, and misused privileges. The software has a flexible design that allows for simplified integration with other best-of-breed IT security solutions that customers may choose to invest it. BeyondTrust’s centralized management, reporting, and analytical capabilities allow companies to confidently reduce risk, maintain productivity, and easily scale their security programs as threats evolve across endpoint, server, cloud, and network device environments. BeyondTrust’s cybersecurity software is used by over 4,000 companies globally.