Quick Info

Founder & CEO

Andy Byrne


Rami Rahal


Founded 2013 Partnered 2018

Other Investors

Bain Capital Ventures Sequoia Capital Tenaya Capital



Status - Active


AI-Driven Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management Software

High performing sales teams run their opportunity-to-close process on Clari.

The company offers an AI-based predictive sales management platform for delivering accurate forecasts, focusing on the right deals, and identifying elements of risk in the pipeline. Clari’s platform combines data-driven insights, sales-optimized workflows and simple user experience to make the selling process transparent and predictable. Clari’s proprietary software, lets sales representatives know where to focus, so they can be more productive and close deals faster; allows managers to spot risk in the pipeline and drive more revenue; and allows executives to forecast confidently and with more accuracy. Using Clari, businesses are able to make better decisions based on actual sales rep and prospect behavior, and close more deals predictably.