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Gus Robertson


Rami Rahal


Founded 2011 Partnered 2016 Exited 2019 (Acquired by F5 Networks (NAS: FFIV))

Other Investors

Goldman Sachs NEA Telstra Ventures



Status - Exited


Open Source Load Balancer, Web Server & Reverse Proxy Server

NGINX is the company behind the popular open source web server project trusted by more than 400 million sites.

NGINX powers mission-critical applications and websites, and eliminates the complexity of managing a do-it-yourself chain of proxies, load balancers and caching servers. The software makes high-performance web architectures very accessible, thus enabling customers to improve user experiences without incurring unnecessary costs in capital or time. Over 50% of the busiest web sites in the world use NGINX to accelerate online user experience. Successful online services such as Netflix, Dropbox, Pinterest, Airbnb, WordPress.com, Box, Instagram, GitHub, SoundCloud, Zappos, and Yandex all use NGINX as part of their infrastructure. Currently, NGINX is the fastest growing and highest performing software for modern web architectures.