Quick Info

Founder & CEO

Prashanh Palakurthi


Mir Arif


Founded 2001 Partnered 2013 Exited 2017 (Acquired by Great Hill Partners)

Other Investors

Sageview Capital



Status - Exited


Retail Store Operations & Workforce Management Platform

Reflexis is a provider of retail execution management software through its cloud-based real-time store operations platform.

Reflexis’s platform enables retailers to simplify store operations, provide improved line-of-sight for field managers, and streamline corporate processes. Using the platform’s store execution, labor operations, mobility, and analytics solutions, management can align store labor and activities to both corporate goals and institutionalize best-practice responses, and real-time metrics and alerts; improving store-level execution and driving significant ROI. This enables management to execute their customer engagement strategy flawlessly across corporate, store, vendor operations, and third-party service providers.