The Team You Want
In Your Corner

We work hard to support entrepreneurs
along their journey and thrive to be
the best possible partners.

Mir Arif

Founder & Managing Partner

Rami Rahal

Founder & Managing Partner

Ram Davaloor


Marc Rappoport


Kartik Natarajan

Investor Relations

Eric Guardiola

Senior Associate

Justin Donovan


Alessandra Campos-Miller

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Joel Lou

Co-Founder & Operating Partner

Team Members



Our advisors have been
there and done that

Over 50 successful entrepreneurs and CEOs
have invested in our fund and are available to support
our portfolio companies on their growth journey

Tony Affuso

CEO, Siemens PLM

Andy Bender

VP and General Manager, IQVIA

Ping Fu

CEO, Geomagic

Neal Ganem

CEO, GT Software

Suhas Gudihal

CTO, Anju

Wes Herman

President, CafePress

Kurien Jacob

CEO, Anju Software

Ravi Kalla

CEO, Symphony

Dilip Keshu

CEO, Born Group

KH Kia Hong Lim

Chairman & CEO at SiS International Group

Bart Lijnse

Partner, Virtu Financial

Dag Liodden

CTO, Tapad

Joe Materese

CEO, Medicus

Jiro Okochi

CEO, Reval

Prashanth Palakurthi

CEO, Reflexis Systems

Bhaskar Panigrahi

CEO, Connection

Niket Patankar

Co-founder, Adventity

Anirudh Patni

CEO, Patni Holdings

Austin Scee

CEO, Razorhorse

Sanjay Shah

CEO, Skelta Software

Yash Shah

CTO, SevOne

Neal Shenoy

Founder, 212 Media

Josh Siegel

CTO, CareCloud

Paul Singh

CEO, Rezon8 Capital

John Street

CEO, Pax8

Ram Sudireddy

Chairman, Bayfleet Holding

Satish Tadikonda

CEO, Avigo

Aki Tomaru


Ralph Verrilli

CEO, Vistagy

Doug Yarrow

CEO, Symark