Right Sized
Growth Capital

Enabling leading SaaS companies to
efficiently raise the ideal growth round


Oct 2012

funds & investments

4 funds and 35 companies


New York City


Our story

We started BCV in late 2012 as a software-focused venture capital firm to address gaps in the growth stage funding market.

Focusing on company needs vs. fund capital deployment needs, we devised our flexible investment strategy to enable leading software companies to raise the right-sized round of funding that fits their business needs. By being flexible on amount invested, ownership requirement and board representation, we positioned BCV to be the ideal partner to entrepreneurs and to their investors.

While our investment strategy is unique, we pride ourselves on our differentiated investment style and values. We work hard to support our entrepreneurs along their journey and thrive to be the best possible partners. We value integrity, humility, consistency, tenacity and hard work above all.

What we look for / Investment criteria


Leading business application SaaS, open source or infrastructure software companies


$10-$50 million ARR; we also consider exceptional earlier stage companies with high growth potential

Check Size

$5-$20 million investment as part of $10M-$100 million rounds; we can either lead smaller growth rounds or participate in larger growth rounds

How we

We believe companies should raise right-sized funding rounds to fit their needs. With our flexible check size and investment approach we enable entrepreneurs to fine tune their funding rounds rather than raise capital driven by the deployment requirements of large VC funds.

We typically collaborate with a handful of leading early stage VC firms and invest alongside them in growth rounds of some of their best portfolio companies. We are comfortable leading a smaller $10-$30 million growth round with majority participation from insiders and strategic investors or participating with a new lead investor in a larger $30+ million round. We invest $5-$20 million, have no minimum ownership requirements and do not require board representation. We work quickly and efficiently to finalize our diligence and are mindful that management has a business to run. As a new investor, we bring a unique set of skills, lots of energy, an eagerness to add value and support our entrepreneurs on their growth journey.

Value of

We see value in raising both smaller and larger growth rounds, but in either case, it has to meet the capital needs and strategic objectives of companies.

A right-sized growth round with BCV enables entrepreneurs to raise a round efficiently with minimal disruption to their business and bypassing the long fundraising cycles and months of being distracted. It also enables the company to extend its runway by 24+ months, minimizes unnecessary dilution, maintains current board dynamics and provides the flexibility to consider either a strategic exit or a pre-exit round at a higher valuation. It also enables existing investors to double down on their best companies and allows strategic investors to participate based on the terms set by BCV.

A larger growth round could better capitalize the company and give them enough cushion to execute on an aggressive growth strategy and not worry about fundraising in the near future

How we
add value

In addition to capital, long term commitment to the company’s vision and assisting with strategy, recruiting and customer introductions, we bring a unique set of value-adds to our portfolio companies including:


Operational expertise through access to our advisory board and LP network of 50+ active tech entrepreneurs.


Buy-side execution capabilities, exit planning and assistance with debt & equity raises leveraging the BCV team’s investment banking experience.


Support with international expansion through active international LPs, capital connections and operating partners based in Singapore, Dubai and London.