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Enabling leading SaaS companies to
efficiently raise the ideal growth round


Oct 2012

funds & investments

4 funds and 42 companies

Our story

We started BCV as a venture growth fund to work with exceptional founders and entrepreneurs building disruptive cloud-based software companies. Focusing on speed, flexibility and unique value-add, we strive to be the best partners to entrepreneurs on their growth path, working hand-in-hand to help them achieve their goal.

Our journey began in late 2012 with a $12 million fund and three partners with no prior VC experience. Armed with the vision of working with amazing entrepreneurs such as those we had come across in our prior lives as founders, IT strategists and investment bankers, we worked relentlessly to build Blue Cloud into the firm that we are today.

Four funds later and with over half a billion dollars under management, it still feels like the first inning. Along the way, we assembled an incredible team of talented individuals, were fortunate to work with exceptional founders who inspired us to push harder and collaborated with some of the best minds and VCs in tech who supported us along this journey. Going through the challenges and growing pains of building a business has helped us relate to our founders and understand firsthand the grit and dedication needed to succeed. At the core of our growth are foundational values and a unique investment strategy that play a vital role in guiding us.

From the start, our investment strategy centered on speed and flexibility. We are not hung up on amount invested, ownership requirements or board representation. Instead, we are razor-sharp focused on backing the best companies and working with the best teams. As a small close-knit partnership, we make decisions thoughtfully and expeditiously, and are always mindful of the time entrepreneurs spend away from their core business while fundraising.

We have a set of core values that define who we are and how we operate. We value integrity, humility, consistency, tenacity, and hard work above all. We apply these values in everything we do and look for them in any party we seek to partner with.

What we
look for

We invest in leading, fast-growing enterprise software companies that are solving critical enterprise pain points, have a highly defensible competitive advantage, and are tackling large addressable markets.


Leading business application SaaS, open source or infrastructure software companies


Growth stage companies with $5-$100 million in ARR; we also consider exceptional early-stage companies with high growth potential

Check Size

$5-$30 million initial check; comfortable leading, co-leading, participating or buying secondary

How we
add value

In addition to capital, long term commitment to the company’s vision and assisting with strategy, recruiting and customer introductions, we bring a unique set of value-add to our portfolio companies including:


Operational expertise through access to our advisory board and LP network of 60+ active tech entrepreneurs.


Buy-side execution capabilities, exit planning and assistance with debt & equity raises leveraging the BCV team’s investment banking experience.


Support with international expansion through active international LPs, capital connections and operating partners based in Singapore, Dubai and London.