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Founder & CEO

Are Traasdahl


Founded 2016 Partnered 2022

Other Investors

3L FirstMark Capital



Status - Active


Commerce & Supply Chain Connectivity Software

Crisp connects retail data across the supply chain, empowering brands, distributors, and retailers with real-time insights that help them manage their inventories and the supply chain, powering reduced waste and increased profitability.

Crisp facilitates collaboration between retailers, distributors, and brands as a single source of truth of all inventory and supply chain data, allowing them to easily visualize and analyze data-driven insights and forecast demand to make smart decisions about their inventory and orders. Crisp ingests both historical data from the supply-side and combines them with a wide range of demand drivers, such as seasonality, pricing, marketing campaigns, competition, marketing, and weather to provide commerce distribution networks with the most accurate data to make the best decisions to reduce waste and drive increased profitability.