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President & CEO

Jonas Bonér


Rami Rahal


Founded 2010 Partnered 2016

Other Investors

Bain Capital Ventures Intel Capital Shasta Ventures



Status - Active


Application Development Platform

Lightbend is the leading reactive application development platform for building distributed systems.

The company is behind Scala, the popular programming language and Akka middleware and provides an open-source platform for building reactive applications for the JVM, consisting of the Play Framework, Akka middleware and Scala programming language. Based on a message-driven runtime, these distributed systems, which include microservices and streaming fast data applications, can effortlessly scale on multi-core and cloud architectures. Large companies such as Starbucks, Verison, IBM, LinkedIn and HP are transforming their businesses with the Company’s platform, engaging billions of users every day through software that is changing the world.